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This 2-day NACWO course is accredited by the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT).IAT accredited course

Day 1 consists of an in-depth study of ASPA, with particular emphasis on those areas that come under the remit of the NACWO. This day consists of lectures, interactive discussions and exercises to give participants a real understanding of how the law works.

Day 2 concentrates on the practical role of the NACWO, looking at the interactivity between themselves and the other named persons, the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body and the Establishment Licence Holder. Animal Welfare assessment, record keeping and the project licence complete the overview.

On successful completion of a multiple-choice assessment, participants are awarded an IAT Certificate, which allows the holder to take up a NACWO position at his/her institution.

Free IAT Membership is available to anyone attending the Charles River NACWO course. Please ask for more details when you register.

To register for this course, please complete the online booking process.

Location maps, pre-course notes, local accommodation and timetable will be sent to you by return with a confirmation of your booking. 

Prior to approval of your registration, a probity check will be carried out with your establishment NTCO or NACWO.

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