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On the registration pages you may book your required PIL category training sessions from the following options: 

Day 1 (AM) L & E, Legislation & Ethics (level 1) plus 3R's: EU1 & EU2 cover the legal and ethical approach to using animals in research and the principles and application of the 3R's. 

Day 1 (PM) & Day 2 (all day): PIL A-B: EU Modules 3, 4.1, 5, 6.1, 7 and 20 cover animal handling (theory), basic biology, recognizing animal health and well-being, Schedule 1 (theory), health and safety, anaesthesia and analgesia, animal diseases, the application of scientific procedures and husbandry. Delegates may complete the assessments at this stage.

Day 3 (all day): PIL C: EU Modules 21 & 22, this is the PIL category for those who require the firmer grounding in anaesthetic techniques or who are planning to undertake invasive surgery. Delegates may complete the assessment at this stage (PIL C).

Our experienced lecturers provide the knowledge and understanding required for delegates to complete a multiple-choice questionnaire at the end of the course, which will gain them a certificate from the Scottish Accreditation Board. Following completion & certification delegates may apply for a personal licence for the categories they have successfully completed (PIL A, B, C).

To register for this course, please complete the online booking process.

Prior to approval of your registration, a probity check will be carried out with your establishment NTCO or NACWO.

Location maps, pre-course notes, local accommodation and timetable will be sent to you by return with a confirmation of your booking.

NOTE: Charles River UK accredited courses & modules meet the 'theory' learning outcomes appropriate to the EU Directive - Education & Training framework for Function A staff (UK PIL's A, B or C).

The completion of 'hands on skills' components of relevant EU Modules Learning Outcomes (the species specific animal handling) - Must be arranged with your establishment/employer. Your Named Training & Competency Officer (NTCO) is required to provide a signed verification (working with Charles River under our guidance & accreditation) of your training in animal handling (for further information see our Terms & Conditions & Pre-course information provided upon registration).

The above completed skills verification form must be returned within 3 months following course attendance. The accrediting body will not issue course certificate(s) after a period of 3 months post attendance. 

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