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PIL AB & C eLearning course

L/E1 & PIL AB - 8 core EU modules delivered by e-Learning
PIL C - 4 modules delivery by e-Learning

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Campus elearning PIL AB & C course. 

PIL AB (8 core Modules) PIL C (2 Modules)

Learning outcomes are documented within the eLearning platform and are assessed throughout the course modules. Within modules there are extensive resource references. Students may access these resources to aid completion.

Requirements - i.e. probity & NTCO oversight

Condition of enrollment: Registrants must provide accurate details of employment and/or enrollment in an academic/research establishment. Your personal information will be confirmed with your establishments Named Training and Competency Officer (NTCO). 

Your NTCO will oversee your progress & course work.

PIL AB  & C Course details, quizzes and final assessment exam

The online modules for PIL AB & C can be completed at the students own pace (2 week time period is pre-set). Expected to take around 20 hours to complete. You will be tested at the end of each module by quiz, this ensures a firm understanding of the module material. 

QUIZZES: Each quiz pass mark is 70%, the results of the quizzes contribute to the final course mark (33% of total course mark). These are open book quizzes.

FINAL ASSESSMENT EXAM: Upon successful completion of all eLearning modules and quizzes the student arranges with thier establishment NTCO the scheduling of an invigilated 'Final Assessment Exam'. This is taken in exam conditions and is a closed book exam. The pass mark is 70% (33% of total course mark). 

Skills Practicals: In addition to the online learning component, there will be a skills practical day session arranged by your establishment NTCO (33% of total course mark). This will either be held at your establishment or you will attend a timetabled event at a convenient location. Your NTCO should be consulted to schedule this upon completion of the online learning component. This skills session will include animal handling, pointing out of minor procedures and an oral test covering key aspects relating to these skills.

The pass mark is 70% for both the practical and online sessions.

Monitoring Progress

It is commonly felt that successful eLearning requires both monitoring and mentoring from an experienced supervisor/mentor. To aid the mentor in observing a students' progress, NTCOs/supervisors are given the opportunity to remotely monitor time spent in the modules, as well as results and achievements.


At the end of each module there is a request for feedback regarding your progress.

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