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eLearning - Home Office Personal Licensee Training (PIL)

These courses are delivered on Charles River Campus eLearning: View and try free eLearning resources at: 

Our UK Personal Licensee courses (Rodent) may be taken as an eLearning option (Charles River Campus), or as a part and part blended course.

E1/L: Comprising of 2 modules. Ethics & 3Rs (level 1) & Legislation, covering the legal and ethical approach to using animals in research. 

PIL AB: Comprising of 6 Modules. Modules 3, 4.1, 5, 6.1, 7 and 20, covers animal handling (theory), basic biology, recognizing animal health and well-being, Schedule 1 (theory), health and safety, anaesthesia and analgesia, animal diseases, the application of scientific procedures and husbandry. Delegates may complete the assessments at this stage (PIL AB). Following certification delegates may apply for a Category AB Personal licence.

PIL C: Comprising of 2 Modules. Covering the Learning Outcomes of EU Modules 21 & 22, provides the background in these disciplines.Delegates may complete the assessment at this stage (PIL C). Following certification delegates may apply for Category C on their Personal Licence

Our experienced technical team will provide assistance to delegates to complete the course if this is needed. Following successful completion delegates will gain a certificate from the Scottish Accreditation Board. Price shown is the per module cost.

To complete E1/L & PIL AB will require 8 theory modules. PIL C will require a further 2 theory modules.

Theory assessments: Post-course, attendees will take a closed book assessment, comprising of multiple True & False, and extended matching type questions. The assessment is taken online under exam conditions, with a local or live online invigilator. The date & time of the final assessment and invigilation session will be arranged with your establishment NTCO.

Skills assessments will be taken at your establishment (under NTCO guidance).

NOTE: Charles River UK accredited courses & modules meet the 'theory' learning outcomes appropriate to the Education & Training framework for Function A staff (UK PIL's A, B or C). The completion of 'hands on skills' components of relevant Modules Learning Outcomes (i.e. to complete PIL A we require verification of animal handling training,  to complete PIL C - surgery skills practical training) - Must be arranged with your establishment/employer. Your Named Training & Competency Officer (NTCO) is required to provide signed verification (working with Charles River under our guidance & accreditation) of your training in these skills such as animal handling (for further information see our Terms & Conditions & Pre-course information provided upon registration).

The above completed skills verification form must be returned within 3 months of course, completion. The accrediting body will not issue course certificate(s) after a period of 3 months post course completion. Extension to this can be applied for on a case by case basis via CRL.

COVID-19 & social distancing: The 3 months to skills completion policy may be extendable on a case by case basis. Extension applied for (via CRL) to the accrediting body. 

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