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Home Office Personal Licensee Training: PIL A Rodents - eLearning

Our eLearning programs include training material (PIL A) accredited in the UK by the Scottish Accreditation Board (SAB). In response to a growing need for affordable, convenient accreditation training for laboratory animal science professionals, we have developed modular programs for functions A, B, C and D, in compliance with EU directive 2010/63/EU.


Campus eLearning PIL A program.

View and try free eLearning resources out at: 

Our experienced technical team will provide assistance to delegates to complete the course if this is needed. Following successful completion delegates will gain a certificate from the Scottish Accreditation Board.

PIL A (5 Core Theory Modules).

Learning outcomes are documented within the eLearning platform and are assessed throughout the course modules. Within modules there are extensive resource references. Students may access these resources to aid completion.


Requirements - i.e. probity & NTCO oversight

Condition of enrolment: Registrants must provide accurate details of employment and/or enrolment in an academic/research establishment. Your personal information will be confirmed with your establishment's Named Training and Competency Officer (NTCO). 

PIL A program details, quizzes, and final assessment exam

The online modules for PIL A can be completed at the students own pace (however a 10 work day time period is pre-set). Expected to take around 12 hours to complete. You will be tested as you progress through courses and module blocks to ensure a firm understanding of the material. 

Ongoing assessment: There are tests of knowledge as you progress through courses and module blocks. These are open book questions.

FINAL ASSESSMENT EXAM: Upon successful completion of all eLearning modules the student arranges with their establishment NTCO the scheduling of an invigilated 'Final Assessment Exam'. This is taken in exam conditions and is a closed book exam. The pass mark is 70%. 

SKILLS TRAINING & ASSESSMENT: Charles River UK accredited courses & modules meet the 'theory' learning outcomes appropriate to the Education & Training framework for Function A staff (UK PIL's A, B or C). The completion of 'hands-on skills' components of relevant Modules Learning Outcomes must be arranged with your establishment/employer (i.e. to complete PIL A we require verification of animal handling training). Your Named Training & Competency Officer (NTCO) is required to provide a signed verification form (working with Charles River under our guidance & accreditation) of your training in skills such as animal handling (for further information see our Terms & Conditions & Pre-course information provided upon registration).

The completed skills verification form must be returned within 3 months of course completion. The accrediting body will not issue a course certificate(s) after a period of 3 months post course completion. Extension to this can be applied for on a case by case basis via CRL.

COVID-19 & social distancing: On a case by case basis further extension can be applied for (via CRL) to the accrediting body. 

Monitoring Progress

It is commonly felt that successful eLearning requires both monitoring and mentoring from an experienced supervisor/mentor. To aid the mentor in observing a students' progress, NTCOs/supervisors are given the opportunity to remotely monitor time spent in the modules, as well as results and achievements.

Modules covered in this elearning program


Module 3.1: Basic & appropriate Biology (species-specific)

Module 4: Animal Care, health & management (species-specific)

Module 5: Recognition of pain, suffering and distress (species-specific)

Module 6.1: Humane methods of killing (theory)

Module 7: Minimally Invasive Procedures Without Anaesthesia (species-specific)


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